Media access for approved media personnel to Meguiar’s MotorEx is only available between public event opening hours. • A Media Pass provides entry inside Melbourne Showgrounds but does not give special access to any driving activity arena, designated event operational areas or before/after hours functions. • Media Credentials are available for collection from 10am on Saturday 11th May at the “Accreditation” window of the ticket booth in front of the Agricultural Hall(Main Entry 1). Exceptions to this pick-up condition will only be made in extreme cases and must be arranged with the Media Manager. • Photo ID  will be required at media collection point • Media Parking is available in public parking areas or limited parking is available through Gate 7 off Langs Road in Ascot Vale. • Media must be fully insured for Public Liability, as well as property damage, or is in the employment of a company that has such insurance and is covering approved media whilst at Meguiar’s MotorEx . A copy of Public Liability Cover will be required to be submitted prior to accreditation approval.• It is agreed that you enter the precinct under your own free will and are entirely responsible for all your equipment at all times and MotorEx has no responsibility and will not be held liable for any theft or damage to any property with, or belonging to approved media personnel or the company they represent. • The business as stated above has employed/contracted approved media/s to be at Meguiar’s MotorEx. • Event Management reserves the right to apply restrictions to your media access inside Meguiar’s MotorEx should operational requirements demand it. • All Media are to provide, at their own expense, and wear their own "Media Vest" at all times while working at the event. • Media Vests must be worn in conjunction with "Media Lanyard" and "Media Wristband" at all times while working at the event. • Media must not cross any barrier or fence or go into any part of the precinct that does not allow public access whether sign posted or not • Media are required to observe the same code of conduct as entrants and patrons. • Media must abide by instructions and directives from Event Security and Event Staff at all times. Failure to do so may result in accreditation being revoked immediately and expulsion from the event • Approved media will not do or say anything to any third party or in any public forum that would be considered damaging or degrading to the event “Meguiar’s MotorEx” or any of its sponsors or partners. • Any commercial video production company applying for Media Accreditation will have to submit details on their intended film plan including production and broadcast intentions. • Furthermore, external video production companies may be subject to additional filming restrictions at the absolute discretion of the Meguiar’s MotorEx Administration and/or Media Management team. • Live Streaming of any kind is prohibited by approved media in any restricted/media only areas. Live Streaming is also prohibited by approved media at the event outside of the media access hours. If found to have breached this rule, future Meguiar’s MotorEx Media Applications may be refused. • Drone usage of any nature/type inside the Melbourne Showgrounds for any purpose is prohibited, unless a formal application has been made and approved by Event Management and Melbourne Showgrounds management prior to the start of the event. Event Management will only grant approval to requests in special circumstances.



I acknowledge and recognise that there are risks specifically associated with a motor vehicle event, some of which include the unpredictability of vehicle movements, sudden and unexpected changes in weather, difficulties in evacuation should I become injured or ill AND I accept that all risks associated with the activity including the possibility of death, injury, loss or damage AND I, MY HEIRS, EXECUTORS AND ADMINISTRATORS hereby indemnify to the extent permitted by law Out There Productions Major Events Pty Ltd, municipalities, councils, instrumentalities, landowners, voluntary community groups and organisations, sponsors, producers and their servants, agents, subcontractors and representatives from all liabilities, claims, damages or costs whatsoever arising out of my participation in the motor vehicle event whether by action or inaction of any party AND I AGREE to abide by all directions made or given by the event organiser or its agents.

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