Muscle Car Marvel is a stunning array of classic Australian and American muscle cars and has been part of MotorEx ever since it started in 2001.

The display is brimming with glorious GT Falcons, tenacious XU1/A9X Toranas, killer Corvettes, race-bred Mustangs, hot Camaros, muscular Mopars, fierce Firebirds and wild Aussie Chargers – along with the best modern muscle that Tickford, FPV, HDT and HSV has to offer. If the factory gave it a sporting flair and a performance personality – you’ll find it at the Muscle Car Marvel.

This is not a concourse category. The factory-style classification caters to vehicles with nominal and period-correct modifications. While the Modified classification allows for a greater level of modification and detail provided the vehicle retains the character of the factory-built variant.