Super Elite including Meguiar's Superstars



Super Elite is Australia's most prestigious and respected competition for Top-Level Show vehicles. It rewards quality and craftmanship at the absolute top level of customisation and innovation. Vehicles in this category display high standard of design, quality and finish. 

Super Elite also incorporates the Meguiar's Superstars, which are invited vehicles that have qualified at selected events throughout Australia or given a Wildcard to compete in the finals. 

Any vehicle deemed to be of Super Elite quality, including Inauguration (unveil) vehicles, are eligible to enter the Super Elite category and compete for the various Champion awards listed below. Competitors are not required to pre-qualify for Super Elite Champion awards. Note: The Super Six and Grand Master Awards are not part of the Champion awards. 


All Super Elite entrants along with those invited to compete for Meguiar’s Superstars Super Six and Meguiar's Grand Master categories are all eligible to compete for the following Champion Awards:








All winners will receive CHAMPION MEDALS and PRIZE MONEY for Gold, Silver and Bronze.


Meguiar’s Superstars assembles Australia’s absolute best, super-elite car setting an irrefutable benchmark for car builders across Australia. Vehicles that wish to be considered for Meguiar’s Superstars Qualifying position must be finished to a super-elite level in the areas of exterior, interior, engine bay, undercarriage and boot. Other requirements include; superb execution, extreme craftsmanship, outstanding attention to detail and a high-level of innovation.

Meguiar’s Superstars awards are the most distinguished and sought-after accolades in the Australian customised car scene, rewarding a builder’s time, effort and craftsmanship with both cash prizes and trophies.

*Note: Within Meguiar’s Superstars there is no distinction between hot rod, street machine or tuner (Japanese and Euro). Every vehicle competes head-to-head on their own merits in for Superstars Super Six and Superstars Grand Master.


Only Super Elite vehicles that have pre-qualified (or received a wildcard invitation) are eligible to compete for a spot in the esteemed Meguiar’s Super Six (see below for qualifying eligibility). The Super Six represents the top six, overall, point scoring qualifiers – as determined by the points accrued across the seven Super Elite Champion Award categories. Superstars entrants competing for a spot in the Super Six are automatically eligible to compete for the various Super Elite Champion Awards listed above.

Competitors that qualify to compete for the Meguiar’s Super Six (and display their qualifying vehicle at the applicable Meguiar’s MotorEx) will receive a highly-prized, special-edition Meguiar’s Superstars Finalist jacket along with a cash bonus at the event. On top of this, entrants that make it into the Super Six will receive an additional cash bonus, along with an impressive masterpiece billet trophy.


The Meguiar’s Superstars Grand Master is the highest accolade on offer at Meguiar’s MotorEx and is Australia’s most prestigious super-elite award. The vehicle awarded the Superstars Grand Master is the highest point scoring vehicle from the Meguiar’s Superstars Super Six. There are no supplementary Grand Master awards, it is outright only. Superstars Grand Master will receive an imposing 600mm tall, 18kg masterpiece billet trophy and an additional cash component – resulting in a huge total cash prize pool for the Superstars Grand Master!

*Note: Any vehicle that has won Superstars Grand Master (or a previous Best of Breed title), is ineligible to compete again for any Meguiar's Superstars or Champion award. Alternatively, we welcome past winners to enter the non-judged Display Only Category. If Meguiar’s MotorEx deems a past Superstars Grand Master, or Best of Breed winner to have been sufficiently modified, altered or rebuilt, it will again become eligible to compete for all Champion Awards, as well as qualify (or receive a wild card) to compete for Meguiar’s Superstars Super Six and Meguiar’s Superstars Grand Master.


At each of the qualifying events below, up to six of the top, overall vehicles (excluding any that have already qualified) will be invited to compete in Meguiar's Superstars at the applicable Meguiar’s MotorEx event. To go in a head to head competition for a spot in the Meguiar's Superstars Super Six and have the the opportunity to take out the overall Meguiar's Superstars Grand Master award. The qualifying rounds for Meguiar’s MotorEx 2019 are:

MotorEx 2019 (VIC): 11 - 12 May 2019

WA Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular: 15 - 16 June 2019

QLD Hot Rod Show: 29 - 30 June 2019

MACKAY Motor Show: 13 - 14 July 2019

Red Centre Nats: 30th August - 1st September 2019

Adelaide Auto Expo (SA): 15 - 16 November 2019

Summernats (ACT): 2 - 5 January 2020

Show Cars Melbourne (VIC): 22 - 23 February 2020

In addition to the qualifiers from the above events, a select number of Wildcard entrants may be invited to create a maximum field of 30 super-elite machinery to battle it out for the Meguiar’s Superstars Super Six and Superstars Grand Master awards. *Note: Wildcard entrants are not selected until after the last official qualifying round.

*Note: Meguiar’s MotorEx forms the first qualifying round for the following year. (i.e. competitors who qualify at MotorEx are not eligible to compete for the Super Six and Grand Master until MotorEx the following year).


Across all Meguiar’s Superstars categories there is no distinction between hot rod, street machine or tuner (Japanese or Euro), all entrants are judged head-to-head using the same criteria. In each of the judging categories, key elements the judges take into consideration are; innovation, level of engineering, use of custom-made components, extent of modification, degree of difficulty, quality of workmanship and attention to detail.

PAINTWORK (180 points): Incorporates, but not limited to, all painted surfaces on the exterior, interior, under bonnet and boot area.

BODYWORK (170 points): Incorporates, but not limited to, all panels, body kits, under body, glass and bumper bars along with exterior mouldings and trim work.

INTERIOR & REAR COMPARTMENT (170 points): Incorporates, but not limited to, interior trimming, seats, pedals, steering, floor coverings, hood lining, dash, gauges, audio/visual equipment and gadgetry within the passenger and rear compartment. Fit and finish along with fabrication and moulding will be scored.

ENGINE & ASSOCIATED COMPONENTS (140 points): Encompasses, but not limited to, the installation, finish, presentation and modification of all hardware and accessories on and around the engine.

UNDERCARRIAGE & DRIVELINE (140 points): Incorporates all components that are not part of the engine or body, including, but not limited to; chassis, brakes, differential, gearbox, suspension, steering, exhaust, plumbing, fuel tank, as well as wheels and tyres.

OVERALL INNOVATION (100 points): Builders that think outside the box and take the risks to create new, different and innovative vehicles will be rewarded in this category.

IMPACT & DISPLAY (100 points): This category is assessed and evaluated upon the overall vehicle as a whole – including its accompanying show display.


Even with a total of 1000 points on offer, the standard of vehicles competing at Meguiar’s Superstars is remarkable, with the top competitors generally being separated by only a handful of points. This is where the extent of modification, degree of difficulty and innovation comes into play. The Meguiar’s Superstars scoring system rewards the person/builder/vehicle that is prepared to extend the boundaries and take risks, while maintaining a very high degree of quality. Awarding points for degree of difficulty and innovation, is challenging, which is why Meguiar’s MotorEx only uses qualified judges that are selected for their extensive experience in all areas of the custom vehicle modification industry.


• Vehicles do NOT need to be registered. • Engine must crank but not necessarily fire. • All classes are open with no sub-classes, categories or groups (i.e. sedan, coupe, ute, V8, six-cylinder, etc). • All Superstars entrants are eligible to compete for all of the Superstars Open awards. • Only Superstars entrants that have appropriately qualified or received a wild-card invitation are eligible to compete for the Super Six and Grand Master awards. • Once a vehicle has won Grand Master or the previous title of Best of Breed, it is not eligible to compete for any of the Superstars awards again. Unless the organiser deems the vehicle has been sufficiently altered or modified. • Any Grand Master or Best of Breed winners are welcome to enter our Display Only Category • Any Super Six vehicle that does not win Grand Master, remains eligible to compete for Super Six and Grand Master at subsequent Meguiar’s MotorEx events. • Vehicles may be sponsored. However the placement of commercial signage promoting brands or products the organiser deems to be competing brands or products is restricted. Such signage must be kept to a maximum 150mm x 150mm, in no more than two positions on the vehicle or the vehicle’s accompanying display. • The overriding concept of Meguiar’s MotorEx is to highlight Australian know-how and craftsmanship. Therefore, more than half the labour involved in the build and/or modification of the vehicle must have been completed in Australia. The vehicle itself and all components are exempt. • The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without necessarily assigning a reason. • The organiser has final say in determining any vehicle’s class.

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