3M Inauguration

Only newly-finished vehicles that have not been seen by the general public are eligible for inclusion in the MotorEx Inauguration. Revamped and/or rebuilt vehicles may be eligible if the organiser deems the vehicle has been sufficiently altered or modified. Inauguration vehicles are automatically invited to compete in their respective category (i.e. Meguiar’s Superstars Open, Street Elite, ProComp or Exhibition).

Keeping a vehicle under wraps for the duration of its build, can be difficult. However the reward of unveiling a brand new vehicle in front of a huge, appreciative crowd far outweighs any difficulties. Showcasing vehicles that are being viewed for the very first time adds considerably to the prestige of the Inauguration. It also enhances the profile of the vehicles involved, as it‘s quite a distinction.


This is why the following pre-requisites must be strictly adhered to:

1. The project must be built and finished to an elite level.

2. The project must not have been previously seen by the general public. This includes (but is not limited to) appearing in magazines, newsletters, promotional material, as well as images, renderings or video being posted on the internet and social media. The only exception being when given express permission by the organiser to do so.

3. Space is limited and final selection of vehicles is at the sole discretion of the organiser.

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